Who Can Benefit From Invisalign?

A smile is worth a thousand words. A great smile can really boost your confidence, so if you’re not entirely happy with your teeth, then you have probably considered cosmetic dental work. For those with tooth alignment issues, braces seemed to be the only way forward, an uncomfortable metal contraption which often needs to be worn for years. Yes the outcome is great – a straighter smile that can make a huge difference to you confidence – but surely there is a better way forward.

Invisalign is a modern take on braces. As the name suggests, instead of metal wiring, the treatment uses invisible aligners which are changed every fortnight, gradually straightening your teeth to achieve the desired outcome.

Can it Work for Me?

Invisalign can be used for numerous dental issues, from the minor to the more complex. It is advised that you consult a dentist who provides Invisalign, but for a brief answer, you can answer a few simple questions on the Smile Assessment tool on their website for an interactive result.

In brief, the aligners can be used to fix issues such as overcrowding, wide-spacing teeth, under-bites, deep-bites and cross-bites, but please find a provider near you for further information.
Teenagers can also benefit from this aesthetic alternative to braces, and due to their teeth still moving and developing, the aligners come with specialised features, such as predicting the eruption of canines and molars.

What Are the Benefits?

In contrast to the days of metallic braces, the aligners have a number of benefits.

They’re rather comfortable, bearing in mind there is no wires to irritate your mouth and gums, however while there may be mild discomfort at the start of each alignment, it’s nothing in comparison to when braces are tightened.

If you want to subtly straighten your smile, then the fact the aligners are invisible will be of importance to you, keeping it practically unnoticeable to those around you.
Impressions of your teeth are taken to ensure for a totally customisable aligner, ensuring they’re perfect for your teeth.

The aligners are also incredibly hygienic, as they can be removed for practical purposes such as eating; this feature also proves popular to those who wish to remove them for special occasions.