Combination Teeth Whitening Treatment

No one wants to have teeth that are yellow or discoloured, as can prevent them from talking freely or even smiling since they are scared of the perception that people will have them about them.

Although teeth discoloration is something that one can prevent through good oral hygiene, it can happen to anyone who neglects their teeth. The good thing is that there is a remedy for severely discoloured teeth through combination teeth whitening treatment. This process involves combining proven effective treatments to whiten the teeth, making use of both home methods and surgery performed by a dentist.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

There are a number of factors that contribute to discoloured teeth, some may be internal while others may be external factors; they include the following;

  • Poor dental hygiene, such as avoiding to brush teeth or not flossing
  • Some tooth discoloration may be a result of old age
  • General tooth decay due to bacteria may also cause tooth discoloration
  • People who smoke cigarettes, cigars and other related items are more prone to suffer from tooth discoloration
  • Drinking alcohol and some beverages like coffee in excess may lead to teeth turning yellow

Process of Combined Teeth Whitening

There’s no reason to feel bad about having discoloured teeth as there is a solution that will make your teeth even brighter than they have ever been. At the onset of this treatment, the dentist will first examine the teeth to determine the best way to achieve the expected results. Thereafter, you will be advised on the right method to use for the combination teeth whitening treatment.

First things first, a procedure will be performed on your teeth which will involve the dentist using laser lighting to pass through your teeth and bring that white effect. This surgery aims at removing that yellow colour and having the enamel of the teeth appear white.

After the procedure, your dentist will prepare some custom-made trays that contain a whitening gel that you will be required to apply to your teeth for a certain period of time depending on the extent of the discoloration of your teeth. For the home treatment, you will apply the gel for a certain number of minutes each day then wash it off.

The purpose of the home treatment is to maintain and improve on the whiteness that the in-house treatment brought about. Before undergoing any whitening treatment, one should consult a professional dentist to avoid purchasing and using any potentially harmful products.

This combined treatment of whitening teeth is the idea solution for discoloured teeth, and it’s hugely effective for the majority of patients. If you cannot prevent your teeth from being discoloured, then ensure that you get the necessary assistance to whiten them.